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Character List

Check out all the Characters that are in all of our series, including Microsoft Sam, and Mac Alex!


Microsoft Sam

Assosciated with the operating system Windows XP and 2000, Microsoft Sam has worked at TheROFL98 TV Studios since the beginning.


Mac Alex

With the full name being "Alexander Macintosh", Alex joined TheROFL98 TV Studios sometime in 2007 along with his counterpart Microsoft Anna.


Microsoft Anna

Along with Alex, she has a full name of her own, being "Annabelle Microsoft". She joined TheROFL98 TV Studios along with Alex in 2007.



Being the current boss of TheROFL98 TV Studios, TheROFL98 leads all members to success within ROFL City (Chicago).


SAPI 5 Sam

Being Microsoft Sam's counterpart and being assosciated with Windows XP, SAPI 5 Sam works with Microsoft Sam to assist him if needed.


Microsoft Mike

Being Microsoft Sam's brother, Mike usually hangs out with Sam when he's not managing the Library.


SAPI 5 Mike

Being Microsoft Mike's counterpart, SAPI 5 Mike fills in for Microsoft Mike when he's not managing the Library.


Radar Overseer Scotty

Radar Overseer Scotty, having worked with TheROFL98 since the beginning, reviews all food that comes in and out of TheROFL98 TV Studios to check for poisoning. Unlike other Scottys, he's mature and usually doesn't fight over Bologna Sandwiches.

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